Have a Zend encoded file that you need to view the source of? No problems, Decrypt has built its own DeZender tool that can help.

Using the Decrypt DeZender tool, you'll not only be able to see the original source code, but you'll also be able to see any of the comments too!


  • Accessible.

    Decrypt whenever you'd like.

  • Anonymous.
    We respect your Privacy.

  • Flexible.
    Choose how you pay.

  • Painless.
    Let us tothe heavy lifting.

Remove all the frustration and hassle from having to wait on a human to perform a function several hours AFTER you've requested the service.

Using the Decrypt DeZender tool, you'll not only get your completely decoded files within five (5) minutes or less, but you'll be able to perform this request at anytime regardless of the time zone your in, because the entire process is fully automated and doesn't require human intervention.

When choosing to your next DeZender partner, consider the fact that at Decrypt we never ask you for personal contact information.

At Decrypt we always want to make sure that your contact information is safe and totally private, for that very reason our DeZender and other decryption services are discrete and completely untraceable. By taking this approach, you're always guaranteed that you'll never be unpleasantly surprised.

Accepting payments anonymously is getting more and more complicated, this is why when you purchase your DeZender service from Decrypt we'll provide you with options which allow you to stay entirely anonymous.

In fact, we've spent so much time researching how to accept payments for our DeZender service that we got dizzy from all the options available! As a result, we've chosen to partner with the most established ones; Liberty Reserve, BitCoin, and PayPal.

Why should the customer have to do anything more than submitting a file and receiving an email? That's the question we ask ourselves whenever we design a new service or feature for Decrypt.

As a result of the aforementioned commitment to our customers, we've been able to come up with a DeZender tool that doesn't only assist our customers in making the DeZending process easy, but extremely quick and inexpensive.

So What Can You Decrypt?

Decryptions shouldn't be complicated; at least that's what we think at Decrypt. As a result of that belief, we now support instant decryptions of any of the formats mentioned in the tabs outlined below.

IonCube is one of the most popular encoding platforms used by the web development community. Having been founded in early 2002, IonCube has changed the business almost entirely.

Having been founded in the late 1990's Zend has established a name as one of the most advanced encryption technologies available. Zend is headquartered in California and Israel.

Having designed a unique approach to encryption, SourceGuardian is leaps ahead of its competitors. Having grown in popularity early on, SourceGuardian took the market by storm.

Being initially developed by two Russian developers, phpSHIELD was born in 2003. After several adjustments to the platform, phpSHIELD was merged with SourceGuardian in 2006.

'The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.' - Winston Churchill